Trees to shade your yard

Planting shade trees is a great way to reduce energy costs in your home while making your property greener and more

American Sycamore

valuable. It takes awhile any arborist will tell you the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, and the next-best time is now.

Here are some good choices for Northeast Ohio.

Bur Oak

The Bur Oak (image) is a regional native with giant branches that can spread 40 feet from the trunk. Its fiddle-shaped leaves are large, lobed and leathery. This tree is adaptable to most soil conditions and prefers full to partial sunlight. It's slow-growing. At maturity the Bur Oak has a magnificently broad shape that provides visual appeal and excellent shade.

American Sycamore

This tree (image) is easily identified by its peeling bark and long, towering trunk. Its canopy has a widespread circumference with an open shape that can spread 60 feet across. A larger yard is recommended. The Sycamore is a relatively fast-growing tree.

Yellow Birch

This Yellow Birch (image) can be found extensively around northeast Ohio. In the summer its leaves turn dark green. At maturity, its crown can spread to 50 feet across and has a round head. Yellow Birch grows at a medium rate and likes moist soil and full to partial sunlight.

Thornless Honeylocust

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The Honeylocust (image) is a highly adaptable shade tree for an urban landscape. Growing at a medium to fast rate, its canopy can spread up to 50 feet wide. With thinner leaves than some other shade trees, the Honeylocust still provides shade for your yard while allowing enough for grass to grow beneath it.

Ripley Tree service is an independent family business serving Northeast Ohio since 2001. Please contact us for the care of your trees at all phases of their lifecycle.

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