5 more great Ohio tree species

Spring has arrived in Northeast Ohio and trees are turning green again. In the spirit of seasonal change, here are a few more of our favorite local species:

You’re probably familiar with this deciduous tree from the Horsechestnut Family; it’s the state tree of Ohio. The Ohio Buckeye is found mostly in the western half of the state, where the soil is more alkaline. Easily recognizable by its five elliptical leaflets, spikey fruit, and infamous dark-brown nuts, the buckeye can grow as high as 60 feet and as wide as 30. O-H-I-O.

This native of western and central Europe was brought to the Midwest because of its ability to adapt to urban conditions. The Austrian pine can grow to a height of 60 feet and can be identified by its dense foliage; a result of the tree’s long, thick, dark-green needles. Mature Austrian pines grow three-inch, brown cones that remain for several years.

The Norway Spruce is one of the most common spruce trees in Ohio and can be found all over the state. This rapid-growing evergreen can reach 80 feet in height. It adapts well to unfavorable soil conditions and low moisture. The Norway has distinct, horizontal side branches that carry forward-facing dark-green needles that make it easier to grip than other spruce trees.

From the Cypress family, the Eastern Redcedar is the most common evergreen conifer in Ohio and can be found statewide. Reaching heights of 30 feet, the Redcedar can be identified by its prickly foliage; round, white female fruit; and thin, shredding bark.

This deciduous tree only occurs naturally in southern Ohio but has been planted throughout the state. The Sweetgum boasts distinct, star-shaped leaves and is well-known for its beautiful red fall color. You probably also know it for the hard, spikey, spherical fruit that covers lawns and driveways throughout the fall and winter. The Sweetgum gets its name from the sap that is revealed from wounds to its trunk.

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