5 great Ohio trees

The state of Ohio has over 8.1 million acres of tree covered land; 31 percent of the state is still forested.

At Ripley, we think that’s one of the things that makes our home state great. Here are five native species that make our forests unique – and which you’re likely to find just about anywhere in the area:

  • American Beech (fagus grandifolia)

An Ohio staple, the Beech tree is easily recognized by its smooth, gray bark and tapering surface roots. This slow-growing deciduous tree can reach a mature height of 80 feet, and because of its hollow interior, it makes a great den site for Ohio wildlife.

  • American Elm (ulmus americana)

This large, vase-shaped deciduous tree once lined Ohio’s city streets but has fallen victim to the deadly Dutch Elm Disease. First discovered in the US in Cleveland in 1930, Dutch Elm Disease killed an estimated 77 million trees by 1970. The disease still plagues mature Elm trees across the country. While young trees aren’t affected by the disease, and only 1 in 200 Elms planted today will prove immune over time.

  • Sycamore (platanus occidentalis)

Found throughout Ohio, this distinctive tree is easily identified by its white bark in winter, spreading canopy and massive branches. Mature Sycamores can top 80 feet and are well-known for their peeling brown bark. Their leaves are among the first to drop each fall.

  • Pin Oak (quercus palustris)

This deciduous Oak tree is known for its pyramidal shape, ascending upper branches and dense growth habit. It’s a medium- to rapid-growing tree, with a mature height of around 70 feet. The Pin Oak got its name years ago when its durable branchlets were used to “pin together” timbers of a barn.

  • Eastern Hemlock (tsuga canadensis)

Also known as the Canadian Hemlock, this evergreen with tiny cones is native to eastern Ohio. It can be found in urban areas throughout the state, as its durability makes it a popular landscaping tree. It’s slow-growing and varies in size depending on its

surroundings, but can reach 70 feet.

Ripley Tree Service is an independent family business with three certified arborists on staff, serving Northeast Ohio since 2001.

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