Are your trees primed for a healthy growth season? Now's the time to make sure

Early spring is budding season. Trees shed protective scales, revealing fresh buds that will sprout into leaves and reproductive flowers.

As trees prepare for the growth flush of late spring and early summer, they sometimes need a little help – especially in urban and suburban landscapes where they’re under more stress from such factors as low moisture, soil compaction and competition with other plants.

Not all tree services have the proper registrations and licenses to do this work, which involves careful application of chemicals and fertilizers to combat urban stresses and disease, and promote new growth. Ripley Tree Service is registered with the Ohio Department of Agriculture and carries a fertilizer applicator’s license – allowing it to legally treat your trees.

Here’s how a licensed application specialist such as Ripley assesses what your trees need:

1. Sampling: Tissue cultures, and bark samples and soil samples from several parts of the yard and landscape are taken and sent to the Ohio Agricultural Extension Office for analysis.

2. Analysis: Bark and tissue cultures are analyzed for disease. Soil is tested for its pH level,, lime requirement index, base saturation and Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) – its essential ability to hold nutrients. Results are provided in a week or two, with recommendations for any treatment.

3. Treatment: Depending on the recommendations, soil may be fertilized and trees either sprayed or injected to prevent disease and position trees for the growth flush of late spring and early summer.

Budding season is the best time to assess and treat your trees. To learn more, contact Ripley Tree Service, a licensed fertilizer applicator and an independent family business serving Northeast Ohio since 2001.

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